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"My introduction to MyDesignDeals was through Go Media. A huge collection of their vector work was on sale. I had been waiting for the right price. This was definitely a very pleasant surprise when I found the deal. The deals are on useful resources and that is most important to me. I found a reliable source of relevant deals here."

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"Awesome fonts! Lots of great scripts that are especially HOT in design right now! Commercial license comes with the deal - so wonderful!! I hate having to buy licenses for each and every font separately, and keeping them filed - so this is much easier! Thanks so much!"

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"Great packaging of mock ups and brushes. Easy to use and gives the tools needed to make your very own custom templates-graphic designer."

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"The site is an outstanding resource with top notch customer service!"

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Special effects can be used to cover up a poorly designed font, or in this case, enhance one...

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