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Create a Floral Baby Shower Party Favor Gift Tag in Photoshop

Stock graphics are useful because you can adapt them to all kinds of different projects. For example, using elements of a premade logo template to create something totally different.

This tutorial will show you how to create a floral gift tag label for a baby shower party favor in Photoshop.

We used a couple items from 2 recent bundles for this project. Click the links below to check them out and follow along with the same goodies.

Let's get started.

What We'll Be Creating

One of the things my sister-in-law needed for her baby shower was a party favor. My creative wife came up with the idea of a potted herb for each guest, with the slogan, "watch me grow", referring to both the plant and the new baby.

The final product was attached to a popsicle stick and stuck into the dirt of each potted plant to commemorate the birth.

Step 1

Create a new document with a white background. Ours is 2.5" x 2.5" at 300ppi.

Start with a floral wreath. We're using one of many found in the 50 Premade Watercolor Logos set by Webvilla, which is part of The Modern Designer's Must-Have Collection. You'll find this specific wreath in the Layer Group named "7" within the PSD file for this set.

Open the PSD file, right click the wreath Smart Object in the Layers panel and select Duplicate Layer. Select your new document as the destination and click OK. This will copy the wreath layer over to your working document.

Step 2

Create an ellipse using the Ellipse tool, making sure Shape is selected in the top toolbar. Hold SHIFT when creating or resizing your ellipse to maintain a perfect circle, then resize it so it's slightly smaller than the inside of the wreath. Move this layer beneath the wreath layer in the Layers panel by pressing CTRL + [.

Select the ellipse with the Direct Selection tool, and in the top toolbar, change the stroke size to .5pt, and the stroke color to #9D944F.

Step 3

Using a script font, like Delish Pro from The Shockingly Awesome Font Bundle, type the word "grow" using the color #FF92B8.

Create another type layer and type a lowercase "g". Change the font to Delish Pro Extra to access one of the decorative swashes. Resize and position the swash as shown in the image below.

Step 4

Using the font Rush from The Shockingly Awesome Font Bundle, type "WATCH ME", "BABY BELLA", and "MAY 2017" as separate layers using the color #ACA56B.

Center them horizontally, then position them above and below "grow".

Step 5

Create a new Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer at the very top of the Layers panel.

Set the Hue to +10 and the Saturation to +10 to make the colors a bit more lively and vibrant.

Step 6

That's it for the design, now to set it up for printing.

Press CTRL + A to select the entire canvas. Press CTRL + SHIFT + C to copy the entire canvas.

Create a new 8.5" x 11" document at 300ppi and press CTRL + V to paste in your design.

Double click your pasted design in the Layers panel to open the Layer Style dialog. Give it a Stroke with the following settings.

  • Size: 1px
  • Position: Inside
  • Color: #DDDDDD

This will make it easier to see the edges, and cut and fold the design once it's printed, but light enough that you won't notice the edges in the final product.

Step 7

Press CTRL + J to duplicate your design as a new layer.

Press CTRL + T to enter Free Transform mode, then rotate the duplicate 180 degrees, then hit Enter to exit Free Transform mode.

Move the rotated image directly above the original and snap it into place.

Now you have a mirrored image that you can fold across the horizontal line so we can sandwich it onto a popsicle stick.

Final Image

After printing your gift label on card stock, cut it out around the edges. Then, fold and glue it all together with a glue stick and you're finished!

Items Used in this Tutorial

We used a couple items from 2 recent bundles for this project. Click the links below to check them out and follow along with the same goodies.

How did you version turn out? Did you make any changes?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

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