How to Create Eye-Catching Inserts for Your Customer Packages

by Alabaweh Baweh -

A package insert is something as simple as a small thank-you card, but it packs a powerful punch. The trend of sending a package insert along with each customer's order has been on the rise over the last five years, especially in the eCommerce market, where online reviews and feedback matter so much. Package inserts actually serve several important purposes. They make the customer smile when opening their package, they encourage customers to leave a happy review, and they provide a customer service route to quickly resolve any customer concerns. They can offer rewards that build customer delight and long-term loyalty. But they can also disappear into the packaging by accident.

Sending a package insert is all about bringing joy to your customers and reaching specific goals for the brand. So if your package insert is so bland that it seems like just another packing slip or receipt in the mess of bubble wrap and cardboard, then none of those goals will be met. That's why it's important to design yourself an eye-catching package insert style that will get the attention of your customers and inspire delight.

Not sure where to start? Don't worry, we know exactly what to do. Let's dive into nine of the best ways to make your insert pop out of the package and into customer hands. 


Distinctive Colors

The first and best way to make sure your package inserts are spotted is by using color. Packaging is usually pretty colorless: clear, air-puffed plastic, brown or white packing paper, maybe some stabilizing cardboard frame, and the box. If your packing insert is vividly colored in part or in whole, then your customers will have no trouble spotting the insert and picking it up to read.

Generally, you want to use your brand colors, but you can also choose a unique palette designed to appeal to the customer or relate to the current seasonal trends. There are two ways to use color with your insert design; full-color and a splash of color.

Bold-Colored Insert

A full-color insert is vivid from edge to edge. It might even be dyed front and back to ensure a complete and colorful experience. An insert that is boldly and completely colored will definitely catch a customer's eye and might be attractive enough to keep as a decoration.

A Splash of Color

The more common option is to use a splash of color-- one color image on a white card or page, for example. A splash of color will help customers identify your package insert for what it is.

Give It a Shine

Want to catch the eye beyond paper and ink? Give your package insert a little shimmer and shine. That glint of light on foil creates a gleam that customers can't ignore. They'll find themselves reaching into the package to take a look at your insert before the product is even unwrapped. A little foil or enameled plastic can make an amazing enhancement to your package inserts because they catch the eye and insist on being looked at.

Foil or Plastic Gleam

Foil and plastic can be used to make a smooth or crinkled shine for your package inserts. Foil is traditional, low-cost, and gives an element of class and flair to the insert design. You can do all sorts of things with foil, from formal embossing to greeting-card-style mirroring.


You can also use glitter to make your package inserts stand out, but do so with caution. Glitter can be the ideal eye-catching technique if your brand and customers trends toward the glitter style. Just don't use too much. Glitter that sheds gets everywhere and can never be fully cleaned away. If you want happy customers, make sure their carpet or sweater is not permanently glittered after receiving your insert.

An Unusual Texture

Texture is another great way to catch a customer's attention with their eyes, and with their hands. A customer digging through packaging will certainly stop with curiosity when they come across an insert that feels neither like smooth paper nor plastic. Making your package insert from something unusual can make it decorative, turn it into a keepsake, and win you that novelty-attention that is fantastic for unique brand marketing.

Recycled Paper

The rough, pulpy type of recycled paper is a blast for eco-friendly brands and their customers. You can print your package insert message on soft-rough paper that was clearly something else before it was your package insert. Green customers will love the reduce-reuse-recycle message and will feel even better about buying from your brand.


Cloth package inserts are surprisingly popular, and there are so many printable fabrics to choose from. Pick a sturdy fabric like canvas, denim, or leather so that the insert is stiff enough to maintain its shape. Then think of something really clever to print that just might become a keepsake and novelty collectible as well as a friendly message.


Wood can make a beautiful package insert for finely wrought items and high-end brands, and for brands that specialize in personalized carved items. Your customers will certainly never forget their engraved package insert, no matter what it says.

Mesmerizing Design

Want to catch the eye and keep it? Use your package insert to create a mesmerizing design that doesn't let go of the eye once you look at it. Use swirls or geometric patterns that are known to be alluring and hard to look away from. Choose one central swirling image or turn the entire insert into a work of art. When customers see your mesmerizing shapes or swirls on the package insert, they'll be drawn in to pick it up, read it, and perhaps keep the lovely card around to admire later on.

Cutout Perspective

Cutouts are a fantastic way to make a package insert pop. A cutout is when the insert is folded over, and the top layer of cardstock has a shape cut out of the front, with a vivid image of the underneath-layer showing through. It's like creating an optical illusion and parallax, only with folded cardstock. There are many clever and artistic ways to use a cutout perspective to catch and hold a customer's attention on the package insert, including mesmerizing design and vivid color.

Tie It With a Ribbon

Sometimes, all you need is a small length of ribbon. Punch two holes or slits into your package insert card and thread a ribbon through it. Then tie a bow or a decorative knot or curl the ends and see how quickly customers notice your inserts. Inside an ecommerce box, a ribbon is impossible to ignore. It's colorful, shiny, and unexpected. But most of all, our brain immediately translates "ribbon" to "presents" from years of birthdays and Christmases, so your customers will feel pre-delight at simply seeing the ribbon. Be sure to hide a gift inside.

Unique Approach

Some brands choose something truly unique and special to their brand and customers for a package insert, and that's totally appropriate if your brand has a unique personality or niche. Consider a hardware brand that sends a metal card-sized multitool that also happens to be their package insert. Or a bakery brand that sends a cookie with an icing message. Or a computer company that sends printed circuit boards. These things will delight and intrigue the customers who shop with these unique brands, and if you have a perfect insert idea that goes beyond cardstock, rock it.

Foldable Puzzle Fun

Finally, don't forget that cardstock can be more than just a card. Try an insert that, at first, appears to be a truly bizarre shape or design. Maybe it doesn't even make sense at first glance, which is what initially catches the eye. But as customers look closer, they realize their package insert card is really a foldable puzzle. Have the card fold into a geometric shape, a chair, or out into a pop-up scene.


Package inserts are a fantastic way to thank and reward customers, create a positive memory, and ask for reviews. But you don't have to print the same plain thank-you card as every other brand. Get creative and catch the attention of your customers with eye-catching insert designs and delight-inspiring messages.