Effective Use of White Space For Maximum Impact

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Effective Use of White Space For Maximum Impact

When you design a web page, business card, or advertisement professionalism is a must. To achieve this sophistication, many people turn to the use of white space. It seems too simple to be an effective fix, but when negative space is used properly it can help direct consumers to the important details on the page.

Everyone has visited a web page that is so cluttered your eyes don't know where to land. Sometimes, commercials are great at grabbing your attention, but when the images leave the screen you still haven't learned what the product is. Without negative space, important information can get lost in the details. When used effectively, white space increases professionalism and adds focus exactly where you need it.

Why White Space is Effective

Minimalist design is based on the use of empty space to make a statement. The statement, of course, is your product. Minimalist design uses empty space and contrast to make your product stand out. A cluttered page will offer too much information at once. Even an interested consumer won't be able to automatically recall the necessary information. The resulting loss of interest means a customer doesn't learn more about the product and you lose a sale.

A design with the right balance of white space is confident and memorable. It will draw the attention of consumers in a cluttered world. White space allows you to remove every part of a design that doesn't serve a purpose and allow consumers to focus on a product or service. The result is a memorable image that will be shared even hours after it's seen.

Minimalist Design Trends

It's important to remember that in the world of design white space isn't always white. The term white space simply refers to the empty space surrounding the important objects on the page. When you begin searching for the right minimalist design techniques to use, you might be overwhelmed with ideas. There are five important elements of minimalist design.

  • Organization - The use of lines and shapes are used to provide an organized template for maximum impact. This uniformity focuses attention to help you avoid distractions
  • Contrast -  Contrast brings attention to the details you need consumers to see. It's a common misconception that the use of black and white is the only way to achieve contrast. Add contrast to your design with differences in font, stark backgrounds with loud font, or white space and bold images.
  • Space - The biggest factor in any minimalist design is empty space. The key to using space properly is to give every element in your design the room to get noticed.
  • Dominant visual - Your design is created with the purpose of bringing attention to a specific visual. Whether it is typography or an image, this visual is what your potential customers will remember.
  • Color - The colors you use also need a purpose. You've already learned that white space doesn't have to be white. However, there should be a streamlined palette that carries throughout your design.

How to Use White Space

To be effective, white space should direct focus on important information. You already have a great product and an eye-catching logo. Negative space will enhance these elements to make consumers want to learn more about your product. The best ways to use white space include:

  • Margins. Margins surrounding text actually increase comprehension when reading. A reasonable margin can help your reader focus on important details.
  • Breathing space. White space around images doesn't have to fill the page. The purpose is to give the image space to stand out.
  • Contrasting text. A change in font size can add a welcome break in what would otherwise blend into a wall of text. The insertion of larger fonts automatically surrounds important points with white space.

How Much Is Too Much?

After you've seen the positive effects of white space, you may be thinking there couldn't be too much. However, everything should be done in moderation, and this includes the use of negative space in your designs. Too much white space can leave a page with no purpose. Instead of wanting to know more about a product, consumers zone out and click away. Too much white space can make your page seem like it has no purpose. It can make your page look boring and cause potential customers to lose interest.

This back and forth can make it seem impossible to create the right amount of negative space. Your goal is to create balance. When your page has too much white space, the effect is noticeable. These signs can indicate too much white space:

  • Bland design - A minimalist design should demand attention instead of looking boring.
  • Call to action isn't visible - Your call to action is how your customers actually reach your product. You want it to be noticeable.
  • No balance - When your white space is located in one space, it looks like something is missing.
  • Lack of flow - If your page has no direction, consumers won't be interested to learn more.

The bottom line is, your page needs to immediately grab the attention of consumers and make them want to learn more. When you have the right amount of white space, important details like your logo and images will grab attention and be remembered.

Simple Tips to Tastefully Add White Space

If learning about negative space has you eager to pare down your existing design, it's easy to get started. If you already have a great design, there's no need to start over. There are ways to add white space that will improve upon an existing page. Try a few ideas to see what adds interest to your designs. 

  • Increase margins.
  • Add white space to pad images and logos.
  • Make bigger headlines.
  • Break up text into small readable chunks with white space in between.

The right balance between white space and important elements can increase the value of any page. Minimalist design and eye-catching fonts will help you create lasting brands and memorable pages. Using minimalist techniques will open your eyes to a new world of design. For great design ideas and downloadable templates, visit My Design Deals LLC today.