by Alabaweh Baweh -
As a freelance designer, I've heard all the advice--including advice that left me wondering whether or not I was really cut out for this job. What are you supposed to do when you're offered a rush job that you really don't have time to complete? What happens when a long-term client calls you up and asks for you to get something done in the middle of what was supposed to be your vacation? 
by Design Tutorials -
When you design a web page, business card, or advertisement professionalism is a must. To achieve this sophistication, many people turn to the use of white space. It seems too simple to be an effective fix, but when negative space is used properly it can help direct consumers to the important details on the page.
by Irma Olguin Jr -
Hello and welcome to the all new MyDesignDeals blog! I have a confession to make... this blog post was meant to go up a few weeks back. The thing i...