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One of the most important parts of any great design is great looking fonts. Choosing one quality typeface can be a challenge, and finding a second, complementary font only adds to the difficulty. This free (and printable) guide showcases 20 different font pairings to help you quickly and easily choose the right typography and make your designs look more professional. With some basic guidelines and a little practice, you'll start to predict what fonts look good together, and which ones don't. Use the examples in this quick guide as a starting point to discover your own favorite font pairings. At...

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Watercolor text effects can be quick and easy to create. The number one thing to remember is that your final effect will only look as good as the background texture you use. This tutorial will teach you how to make an eye-catching, watercolor text effect using a subtle grunge background and Layer Styles in Photoshop. Let's get started. What We'll Be Creating Click the image below to see the full resolution file. Step 1 Open a subtle, colored grunge texture in Photoshop and crop it down to 1080x720. We're using a texture from this week's deal, 60 Stunning Colored Grunge...

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