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40 Absurdly Attractive Fonts (Plus Freebies) - Only $39

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A designer's main job is to convey information as clearly and quickly as possible. A great designer is able to do that in the most attractive way possible.

This bundle features 40 absurdly attractive fonts to help you do just that, along with their equally beautiful bonus freebies, including vectors, mockups, and more.

40 Typefaces That Will Set You Apart from Other Designers

Most new designers use the same fonts over and over, so all their work starts to look the same as everyone else.

To stand out from the crowd, you need fresh and unique resources, and these 40 fonts are the perfect fit.

Check out a quick preview of all the typographic excellency you'll find in this collection, then scroll through the rest of the previews for further amazement.

Extended Licensing and Webfonts Included

As with every MyDesignDeals font bundle, webfonts and extended licensing are also included.

You not only get a huge amount of useful files, but also the flexibility to use them in even more projects, including items for resale.

That includes designs for mass production, print-on-demand services, or even digital templates you plan to resell in your online shop. See the full licensing terms here.

These fonts are so aesthetically pleasing it's ridiculous. Take a gander at the entire set below.

Design Panoply

Design Panoply lives up to their name, featuring a complete and magnificent array of creative goodies, including fonts like these.

Blocklyn Font Family + Bonus Mockups

  • Condensed, Condensed Italic, Grunge, Grunge Italic (OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF)
  • 2 bonus PSD mockups (3,000 x 2,000 PSD)

Canterbury + Bonus Mockups

  • Canterbury (OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF)
  • 2 bonus PSD mockups (3,000 x 2,000 PSD)

Cosmodrome Monoline

  • Cosmodrome Monoline (OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF)

Eiffel + Bonus Vectors & Textures

  • Eiffell (OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF)
  • 30+ bonus french vectors (AI, EPS)
  • 8 bonus watercolor textures (3,600 x 3,600 pixel JPG)


  • Emellie (OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF)


  • Maloishe (OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF)


DikasStudio crafts fonts that no one else is capable of, making them a must-have for any designer.

Space Weel

  • Regular, Inline, Shadow (OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF)


Banks is a shop with few products, but great care was put into each one to maximize usability and quality.


  • Regular, bold (OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF)
  • Bonus vector illustrations (AI, EPS, PDF)

Fusion Labs

Fusion Labs is a new, independent font studio that doesn't play by the normal rules. They create typefaces that have a handmade look unlike any other.


  • Boller (OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF)


  • Regular and Rough (OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF)


  • Simsalabim (OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF)

Hederae Creative Shop

Hederae Creative Shop is always pushing the boundaries on what most people consider traditional design, resulting in one of a kind fonts.


  • Carnot (OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF)

Lorano Font Family

  • Thin, Extra Light, Light, Semi Light, Regular, Medium, Heavy, Bold, Black, Extra Black, News + italic versions of each (OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF)

Incools Design Studio

Incools Design Studio pushing to boundaries of normal typeface design, resulting in unique, nearly experimental fonts.


  • Inkotsi (OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF)

Shaggie + Extras

  • Shaggie (OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF)
  • Bonus vector ornaments (AI, EPS)


Jiw goes the extra mile to make fonts that are extra useful in a variety of situations, and the typefaces included here are no exception.

Bite Chalk + Extras

  • Bite Chalk, Normal, Bold, Slim (OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF)
  • 50+ detailed bonus vectors (AI, EPS, PNG)

De Arloy

  • De Arloy (OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF)

Mon Cheri + Extras

  • Mon Cheri, Ornaments (OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF)
  • Bonus ribbons, flourishes, and more (AI, PNG)

Stay Alive

  • Stay Alive (OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF)

Vercha + Bonus Font

  • Vercha + Bonerica (OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF)


Maghrib is a consistent producer of fonts that everyone loves, and this one is no exception.


  • Storing (OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF)

Maulana Creative

Maulana Creative is another designer who pushes the limits on font design, making their work perfect for cutting edge designs.


  • Adellove (OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF)


  • Alissya (OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF)


Dmitriy at MediaLab possesses typography skills like few others on this planet, making his fonts invaluable in the creative industry.


  • September (OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF)


Moriztype focuses on fonts that leave you with the unexpected, which is perfect for designs you want to stray from the norm.

Modigirl Script + Sans

  • Modigirl Script, Modigirl Sans (OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF)
  • Bonus ornaments (OTF)

Thirteenth Script

  • Thirteenth Script (OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF)

Willshering Script + Sans

  • Willshering Script, Willshering Sans (OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF)


Ndroadv has a curious name, and curious knack for producing clean and unique fonts.


  • Larquette (OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF)

Noe Araujo

Noe Araujo crafts highly stylized display fonts, which are great for large text in a variety of projects.

Brown Fox

  • Brown Fox (OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF)


  • Piedra (OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF)


Rabbittype is a font designer who is constantly surprising us with unique and attractive typefaces.

The Redlight Font Duo

  • Redlight Script, Redlight Sans, Redlight Sans Bold (OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF)

Rachel White Art

Rachel White Art is new to fonts, but based on their first offering, has a very bright future in type design.


  • Curiosity (OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF)


Tegaki is an indie font designer with a unique take on traditional handmade fonts.

Ellise Naomy

  • Ellise Naomy (OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF)


  • Sonya (OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF)


Unicode does script fonts better than nearly anyone else, and each release features special characteristics that make them one of a kind.


  • Delighted (OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF)

Mighty Love

  • Mighty Love (OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF)


  • Nightstar (OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF)

Skyla Design

Skyla Design has made a name for herself by releasing only top-notch products that every designer craves, and these fonts are no exception.

De Novembre

  • De Novembre (OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF)

October Storm

  • October Storm (OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF)

40 Fonts, Plenty of Bonus Goodies, Hours of Fun

Normally, all of these fonts and bonus extras would cost you $1,142. For a limited time, you can snag everything for only $39. That's 97% off the regular price.

Deal Terms

  • After purchase, download the provided ZIP file (it will be very small). Extract the HTML inside and open it in a browser window for instructions and larger download links.
  • Files are provided in a variety of formats. See descriptions above for detailed information.
  • Files can be used for both personal and commercial projects, as well as in items for resale.
  • You may not resell or redistribute these files.
Deal Expired
Value: $1,142.00Savings: 97% ($1103)
47 weeks 6 days 3 hours 1 min ago
Deal Expired
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