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Back To School Bonanza (HUGE Savings!!!)

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Value: $3,985.00Savings: 99% ($3946)
9 weeks 6 days 4 hours 6 min ago

Back To School Bonanza (HUGE Savings!!!)

Ok, everyone. This is for real. This is one of the most valuable bundles we have ever run. Totaling up the extended licenses on all these products puts us at just under $4,000 USD. That's big time savings right there. At Just $39, you can't go wrong. That's almost 99% OFF. This is a crazy good deal.

There's a reason why these fonts, vectors, logos and patterns are the most sought after.

Fonts, Vectors, Patterns and Logos to Make Your Project Shine

This collection has a whopping of state of the art designs. This deal includes future-proof fonts, vectors and patterns, plus a cmixture of free, bonus goodies, all for the same low price that you know and love. This batch features hidden gems of the design universe. Don't wait!

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Alex Etewut


Included in this package:

  • Augenblick-Regular.otf
  • Augenblick-Regular.ttf

Anna Szonn

Coffee Lettering

Included in this package:

  • coffee-lettering-1.eps
  • coffee-lettering-2.eps
  • coffee-lettering-3.eps



Included in this package:

  • Angella.otf
  • Angella.ttf

Fanesia Script

Included in this package:

  • Fanesia script.otf
  • Fanesia script.ttf
  • Fanesia script.txt

Craig Rozynski

Kudamono Fruit

Included in this package:

  • Patterns
  • PNG
  • Vector

Dannie Herdyawan

Logo Templates

Included in this package:

  • Beauty Biz
  • Beauty Biz 2
  • Birdtrip Media
  • Bluedea
  • Bugs Logo
  • Butterfly Logo
  • Butterfly Logo 2
  • Church Learning
  • Colouring Logo
  • Community
  • Data Fast
  • Dating Club
  • Dog Day
  • Eco Apps
  • Eco Apps 2
  • Eco Apps 3
  • Eco Home
  • Eco State
  • Eco Town
  • Econergy
  • EyeBall
  • Finance
  • Firework
  • Furniture Company
  • Glamour Logo
  • Green Town Realty
  • Idealing
  • iLens
  • Lion Logo
  • Lion Logo 2
  • Luxury Style
  • Marketing
  • Marketing Logo
  • Marketing Logo 2
  • Marketing Logo 3
  • Marketing Logo 4
  • Marketing Logo 5
  • Media Talks
  • Mountaint
  • Omunity
  • Painting Logo
  • Panda Network
  • PetCare
  • Photography
  • Printing
  • Printing 2
  • ProCoach
  • Property
  • Property Logo
  • Puzzle
  • Real Estate Company Logo
  • Real Estate Company Logo 2
  • Real Estate Company Logo 3
  • Real Estate Company Logo 4
  • Shopping
  • Social
  • Socialing
  • Standing Horse
  • Sunshine
  • Techpath
  • Unicare
  • Vision
  • Vision Tech
  • Waretech


Pines Regular

Included in this package:

  • Pines Italic.otf
  • Pines regular
  • Pines Regular.otf
  • Pines-Italic.ttf
  • Pines-Regular.ttf

jess northernwhimsy


Included in this package:

  • _Northern Whimsy Design digital business card.jpg
  • _README - NorthernWhimsy CU TOU.odt
  • NorthernWhimsy-books-1.jpg
  • NorthernWhimsy-books-10.jpg
  • NorthernWhimsy-books-11.jpg
  • NorthernWhimsy-books-12.jpg
  • NorthernWhimsy-books-2.jpg
  • NorthernWhimsy-books-3.jpg
  • NorthernWhimsy-books-4.jpg
  • NorthernWhimsy-books-5.jpg
  • NorthernWhimsy-books-6.jpg
  • NorthernWhimsy-books-7.jpg
  • NorthernWhimsy-books-8.jpg
  • NorthernWhimsy-books-9.jpg


Included in this package:

  • _Northern Whimsy Design digital business card.jpg
  • _README - NorthernWhimsy CU TOU.odt
  • NorthernWhimsy-coffee -12.jpg
  • NorthernWhimsy-coffee-1.jpg
  • NorthernWhimsy-coffee-10.jpg
  • NorthernWhimsy-coffee-11.jpg
  • NorthernWhimsy-coffee-2.jpg
  • NorthernWhimsy-coffee-3.jpg
  • NorthernWhimsy-coffee-4.jpg
  • NorthernWhimsy-coffee-5.jpg
  • NorthernWhimsy-coffee-6.jpg
  • NorthernWhimsy-coffee-7.jpg
  • NorthernWhimsy-coffee-8.jpg
  • NorthernWhimsy-coffee-9.jpg


Included in this package:

  • _Northern Whimsy Design digital business card.jpg
  • _README - NorthernWhimsy CU TOU.odt
  • NorthernWhimsy-school-1.jpg
  • NorthernWhimsy-school-10.jpg
  • NorthernWhimsy-school-11.jpg
  • NorthernWhimsy-school-12.jpg
  • NorthernWhimsy-school-2.jpg
  • NorthernWhimsy-school-3.jpg
  • NorthernWhimsy-school-4.jpg
  • NorthernWhimsy-school-5.jpg
  • NorthernWhimsy-school-6.jpg
  • NorthernWhimsy-school-7.jpg
  • NorthernWhimsy-school-8.jpg
  • NorthernWhimsy-school-9.jpg


Included in this package:



Included in this package:

  • Academy House Alternate.otf
  • Academy House Alternate.ttf
  • Academy House Alternate.woff
  • Academy House Logo Fonts.pdf
  • Academy House.otf
  • Academy House.ttf
  • Academy House.woff
  • AcademyHouse_Logos.eps


Discobaby Font

Included in this package:

  • Discobaby.otf
  • Discobaby.ttf


Kind Heart

Included in this package:

  • Kind Heart One.otf
  • Kind Heart One.ttf
  • Kind Heart Sans.otf
  • Kind Heart Sans.ttf
  • Kind Heart Three.otf
  • Kind Heart Three.ttf
  • Kind Heart Two.otf
  • Kind Heart Two.ttf

Flexible Fonts, Vectors And Patterns Ready to Join Your Workflow

Normally, all of these resources and extras would cost you $3985. For a limited time, you can grab them all in this pack for just $49. That's 99% off the regular price.

Extended Licensing Included

You not only get a huge amount of useful files, but also the flexibility to use them in even more projects, including items for resale.

That includes designs for mass production, print-on-demand services, or even digital templates you plan to resell in your online shop. See the full licensing terms here.

Deal Terms

  • Files are provided as an instant download after purchase in ZIP file format.
  • Files are provided in a variety of formats, including source files like .PSD and .AI
  • Files can be used for both personal and commercial projects, as well as in items for resale.
  • You may not resell or redistribute these files.
Deal Expired
Value: $3,985.00Savings: 99% ($3946)
9 weeks 6 days 4 hours 6 min ago
Deal Expired
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