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Incredible Home For The Holidays Script Fonts

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Value: $645.00Savings: 94% ($606)
2 weeks 3 days 2 hours 9 min ago

Incredible Home For The Holidays Script Fonts

The holiday season is nearly upon us and we're getting ready! We've collected MORE than one bundle's worth of goodies to share with you. And since there's no better way to start off the day than with a hard drive full of new, must-have, goodies, we're releasing them early.

While we're still excited about Halloween coming up, we also have deadlines for the winter months just up ahead. Grab these emotional script fonts while the deal lasts.

Exclusive Fonts from Top-of-the-Industry Designers

This deal includes customized fonts, plus a artwork mishmash of free, bonus goodies, all for the same low price that you know and love. Get a project buttoned up with these simple-to-use high-quality fonts, but don't wait. This deal won't stick around forever!

As with every MyDesignDeals font bundle, webfonts and extended licensing are also included. All of these fonts come in both TTF and OTF (where applicable) file format , so they are universally compatible with both Windows and OSX.

Free Bonus: Font Pairing Guide

Whether you're totally new to downloading fonts, or have decades of design experience under your belt, this printable guide will help you find the perfect companion for any typeface.

Visit our Designer Toolbox now to download The MyDesignDeals Quick Guide to Easy & Professional Font Pairing, no purchase necessary.

Barmawy Muchtar

Bekafonte Script

Included in this package:

  • Bekafonte.eot
  • bekafonte.otf
  • Bekafonte.svg
  • bekafonte.ttf
  • Bekafonte.woff

Brittania Script

Included in this package:

  • brittania sans I.otf
  • brittania sans I.ttf
  • brittania sans II.otf
  • brittania sans II.ttf
  • brittania sans III.otf
  • brittania sans III.ttf
  • brittania script.otf
  • brittania script.ttf
  • brittania slant.otf
  • brittania slant.ttf
  • brittaniasansI.eot
  • brittaniasansI.svg
  • brittaniasansI.woff
  • brittaniasansII.eot
  • brittaniasansII.svg
  • brittaniasansII.woff
  • brittaniasansIII.eot
  • brittaniasansIII.svg
  • brittaniasansIII.woff
  • brittaniascript.eot
  • brittaniascript.svg
  • brittaniascript.woff
  • brittaniaslant.eot
  • brittaniaslant.svg
  • brittaniaslant.woff


Rosedita Font

Included in this package:

  • Rosedita italic.otf
  • Rosedita italic.ttf
  • Rosedita.eot
  • Rosedita.otf
  • Rosedita.ttf
  • Rosedita.woff
  • RoseditaItalic.eot
  • RoseditaItalic.woff

Danti Studio

Alzelvin Font

Included in this package:

  • Alzelvin.eot
  • Alzelvin.woff
  • Alzelvin1.otf
  • Alzelvin1.ttf
  • Alzelvin2.otf
  • Alzelvin2.ttf

Gleb Guralnyk

Bonus Cupcake Photos

Included in this package:

  • Pancake 01.jpg
  • Pancake 01.tif
  • Pancake 02.jpg
  • Pancake 02.tif
  • Pancake 03.jpg
  • Pancake 03.tif
  • Pancake 04.jpg
  • Pancake 04.tif
  • Pancake 05.jpg
  • Pancake 05.tif
  • Pancake 06.jpg
  • Pancake 06.tif
  • Pancake 07.jpg
  • Pancake 07.tif

Kexman Font

Included in this package:

  • Kexman.eot
  • Kexman.eps
  • Kexman.otf
  • Kexman.ttf
  • Kexman.woff

Groen Studio

Britany Font

Included in this package:

  • britany-webfont.eot
  • britany-webfont.svg
  • britany-webfont.woff
  • britany-webfont.woff2
  • Britany.otf
  • Britany.ttf

Just Beauty Font

Included in this package:

  • Just Beauty.otf
  • Just Beauty.ttf
  • JustBeauty.eot
  • JustBeauty.svg
  • JustBeauty.woff
  • JustBeauty.woff2

Incools Design Studio

Archipelago Script Font

Included in this package:

  • Archipelago.eot
  • Archipelago.otf
  • Archipelago.svg
  • Archipelago.ttf
  • Archipelago.woff
  • Archipelago.woff2


Whenesday Script

Included in this package:

  • Whenesday Bold OTF.otf
  • Whenesday Bold TTF.ttf
  • Whenesday otf.otf
  • Whenesday ttf.ttf
  • Whenesday.eot
  • Whenesday.woff
  • WhenesdayBold-Bold.eot
  • WhenesdayBold-Bold.woff

Maulana Creative

Blesd Script

Included in this package:

  • Blesd.eot
  • Blesd.otf
  • Blesd.ttf
  • Blesd.woff

MissinkLab Studio

Banthei Font

Included in this package:

  • Banthei.eot
  • Banthei.otf
  • Banthei.ttf
  • Banthei.woff

Mukhlas A Saputra

Pentaphylla Font

Included in this package:

  • Pentaphylla-Ornament.eot
  • Pentaphylla-Ornament.woff
  • Pentaphylla-Sans.eot
  • Pentaphylla-Sans.woff
  • Pentaphylla-Swash.eot
  • Pentaphylla-Swash.woff
  • Pentaphylla.eot
  • Pentaphylla.otf
  • Pentaphylla.svg
  • Pentaphylla.ttf
  • Pentaphylla.woff
  • Pentaphylla_Ornament.otf
  • Pentaphylla_Ornament.ttf
  • Pentaphylla_Sans.otf
  • Pentaphylla_Sans.ttf
  • Pentaphylla_Swash.otf
  • Pentaphylla_Swash.ttf

Pho Letter

Andella Script

Included in this package:

  • Andella.eot
  • Andella.otf
  • Andella.svg
  • Andella.ttf
  • Andella.woff

Brillyo Script

Included in this package:

  • brillyo regular.eot
  • brillyo regular.ttf
  • brillyo Slant.ttf
  • brillyo-Slant.eot
  • brillyo-Slant.otf
  • brillyo-Slant.woff
  • brillyo.otf
  • brillyo.woff

Polem Studio


Included in this package:

  • Blackcurrant.eot
  • Blackcurrant.svg
  • Blackcurrant.ttf
  • Blackcurrant.woff
  • Blackcurrantotf.otf
  • Blackcurrantttf.ttf

Putra Khan Studio

Holiday Romance

Included in this package:

  • Holiday Romance Webfont.woff
  • Holiday Romance Webfont.woff2
  • Holiday Romance.otf
  • Holiday Romance.ttf


Included in this package:

  • Redmirable Swash.otf
  • Redmirable Swash.ttf
  • Redmirable.eot
  • Redmirable.otf
  • Redmirable.ttf
  • Redmirable.woff
  • RedmirableSwash.eot
  • RedmirableSwash.woff


Scooter Font

Included in this package:

  • Scooter Brush.otf
  • Scooter Brush.ttf
  • Scooter.eot
  • Scooter.otf
  • Scooter.ttf
  • Scooter.woff
  • ScooterBrush.eot
  • ScooterBrush.woff


Sonya Script

Included in this package:

  • sonya-webfont.eot
  • sonya-webfont.svg
  • sonya-webfont.woff
  • sonya-webfont.woff2
  • sonya.otf
  • sonya.ttf

Vintage Type Co

Alehouse Font

Included in this package:

  • AlehouseSans.eot
  • AlehouseSans.otf
  • AlehouseSans.svg
  • AlehouseSans.ttf
  • AlehouseSans.woff
  • AlehouseScript.eot
  • AlehouseScript.otf
  • AlehouseScript.ttf
  • AlehouseScript.woff

Jackal Font

Included in this package:

  • Jackal-Inked.eot
  • Jackal-Inked.otf
  • Jackal-Inked.svg
  • Jackal-Inked.ttf
  • Jackal-Inked.woff
  • Jackal.eot
  • Jackal.otf
  • Jackal.svg
  • Jackal.ttf
  • Jackal.woff

Functional Monstorous Selection of Graphic Goods

Normally, all of these resources and extras would cost you $645. For a limited time, you can grab them all in this goodies pack for just $39. That's 94% off the regular price.

Extended Licensing Included

You not only get a huge amount of useful files, but also the flexibility to use them in even more projects, including items for resale.

That includes designs for mass production, print-on-demand services, or even digital templates you plan to resell in your online shop. See the full licensing terms here.

Deal Terms

  • Files are provided as an instant download after purchase in ZIP file format.
  • Files are provided in a variety of formats, including source files like .PSD and .AI
  • Files can be used for both personal and commercial projects, as well as in items for resale.
  • You may not resell or redistribute these files.
Deal Expired
Value: $645.00Savings: 94% ($606)
2 weeks 3 days 2 hours 9 min ago
Deal Expired
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