About Us

We’re NOT Just Another Deals Website, Here’s Why

We love deals, and we know that you do too. However, we started to notice that many deal websites weren’t exactly catering for the design community. In fact, it seemed more like they were out to make a quick buck!

When we launched MyDesignDeals we were determined to make a deals website by designers, for designers. That’s what led us to our 10 core values. It’s these values that ensure we give you the best deals, best service and best experience available.

We hope that you’ll take a minute to check them out in the video to your right. Alternatively we’ve laid them out clearly for you below.


We Insist on Quality

We never settle for a mediocre deal, ever. That’s why we only partner up with the most reputable, high-quality deal partners to provide you with a great end product. In fact, if we can’t find the perfect deal for you one week, we won’t run any deal at all. We would rather lose out than run something average.

We Test Everything
To ensure the quality of our deals we test every item thoroughly. This means we don’t just glance over the product, we take it for a spin ourselves! We deliberately try and find weaknesses or problems with every deal we run to ensure that you don’t come across any nasty surprises. If the deal doesn’t look perfect, we don’t run it.
We Value Exclusivity

We’re tired of seeing the same old deals available everywhere. Hell, why should you buy from us if we’re offering what 10 other deal sites are offering? We pride ourselves on offering completely exclusive deals that aren’t seen anywhere else. When you buy from MyDesignDeals you know that you’re getting a deal that’s truly unique.

We Offer the Best Discounts

It’s no fluke that our deals are so awesome. We actively gauge what price other deal sites are offering similar products for and then push our deal providers to go even cheaper! Sometimes it can take some pretty hard bargaining but ultimately it means that you’re paying significantly less!

We Listen to What You Want

We constantly take feedback from people just like you to help us offer the best service possible. This can be anything from chatting with you by email about potential improvements to our site, to regularly surveying all our subscribers to give them the exact deals they need.

We Offer Super Personal Support

We would never outsource our support department as we believe that personal service is essential. That’s why if you drop us an email you’ll always get a personal response from me, John. Seriously, drop us an email about anything and we’ll get back to you. Not only that, but we go out of our way to make sure all our users are happy.

We Show You EXACTLY What You're Buying

We know that often a deal will look enticing and then the end product doesn’t live up to the hype. That’s why we would never hide behind any fancy marketing text. We produce in-depth video reviews for any product featured on our site, meaning that you get to see every aspect of the product before you decide to buy. No surprises, just total transparency.

We Know the Design Community

We have over 15 years helping the design community. We’ve worked a range of design roles and our tutorials and articles have been read by almost 10 million people worldwide! It’s safe to say we’ve gotten to know a lot of you, and we know what the design community values. Simply put, we’re one of you. We love design and we love this community.

We're Friendly (Promise!)

We love interacting with every one of you, so if you hit us up with an email, Twitter mention or Facebook message we’re always happy to chat. We regularly speak with our subscribers and it feels awesome to know so many of you personally.

We Like to Give Back

Whether you check out our deals or not we love offering great freebies for designers to enjoy. We’re excited to share the largest exclusive freebies section available for designers! If you’re not already a MyDesignDeals subscriber then check out our Designer Toolbox area. We add new resources every single week for you to enjoy.

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little more about us. We hope there’s a lot more for you to enjoy at the new MyDesignDeals. If you’re not already a subscriber then you should check out the Designer Toolbox and get access to hundreds of free resources. If you’d like to request a specific deal to help you then you can do this on our homepage.