Part of what makes MyDesignDeals bundles so valuable are the flexible licensing terms. We want to provide you with resources you can use in a variety of projects, while maintaining the integrity of the design community, and allowing our contributors to earn their fair share.

All purchases from MyDesignDeals include a single user license, allowing you to download/install the files onto multiple devices, granted that only a single user will access the files across all devices. You must purchase additional licenses for each person who will be using the files.

Universal Licensing Details

The following terms apply to all resources purchased from MyDesignDeals.

  • You may use the files in unlimited custom personal or client projects
  • You may use the files in tangible or digital products for resale
  • You may not re-sell or redistribute the files in their original form
  • You may not use the files to create graphics for resale in their original form (see Resource Specific Licensing Details below for any exceptions)
    • All items created for resale must incorporate the files into a new and unique design
  • You may not sell more than 5,000 mass produced tangible products (personally, or per client, directly or via print on demand websites) using the items from each bundle*

*Fonts, plugins, and installable add-ons can be used in an unlimited number of tangible products.

Resource Specific Licensing Details

Different resources may have different limitations due to the nature of how they are used.

The following terms apply to their respective resources in addition to the Universal Licensing Details above.


You May You May Not
Use the files in websites, social media profiles, e-books, etc. Create digital alphabets, stencils, flattened alphabets, etc.
Use the files for logo design in personal or custom, individual client projects. Use the files to create logo "templates" for sale.
Use the files standalone to create typographic quotes for sale on tangible items like shirts, bags, mugs, stickers, etc. Use the files to create typographic quotes for resale as vector outlines or rasterized text in a digital format.
Use the files in rasterized graphics within a desktop or mobile application. Embed the files within a desktop or mobile application
Digitize fonts, phrases, or alphabets for embroidery and sell the digital files.
Embed the files in a third party or print on demand website where unauthorized users can make use of the fonts.


You May You May Not
Use them to create original designs for use on print on demand websites. Use the files as-is to sell on print on demand websites.
Incorporate the files into a new and original design as a minor part of digital items for resale. Deconstruct the vector/illustration and re-sell the individual parts.
Provide printers with source files for the sole purpose of printing. The files must be deleted upon job completion. Provide clients with source files where individual elements can be easily extracted.
Use the files as a primary component in a logo (logo creation kits are exempt).


You May You May Not
Use the files as a background, overlay, or to fill specific areas within a new and original design. Use the files standalone on items for resale like shirts, bags, mugs, stickers, etc.

Mockups/Scene Creators

You May You May Not
Use the files in websites, social media profiles, etc. Re-sell or redistribute individual items from the files.

If you don't find answers to your questions below, feel free to send us a message.

Does this license apply to all MyDesignDeals items?

Yes. This license is applicable from September 15, 2016 and beyond. Any files purchased before this date are covered by previous licensing terms.

Can I share the items with my friends and co-workers?

No. Each bundle purchase grants you a single user license, so although you can install and use the items on multiple devices, you must purchase additional licenses for each person who will be using the files.

What constitutes a "new and original" design?

A new and original design is created when the files are combined with other resources in a unique and original way, where the purchased files do not make up the core value of the final design. The main thing to consider is that you are not allowed to sell the items as-is, or with only minor changes.

Why is there a 5,000 limit on tangible items?

This is to help our contributors earn their fair share. Each contributor earns a percentage from each deal sale. If there was no limit on tangible items, they could be taken advantage of. Here are a few examples of what has actually happened in the past.

  • A pattern designer (who sold their patterns in a bundle elsewhere) found that their pattern had been used to create a very popular bed set, sold in one of the largest retail stores in the USA. They only earned a few dollars from that sale.
  • A vector illustrator (who sold their graphics in a bundle elsewhere) learned that one of their illustrations were used for a logo as-is, and printed on hundreds of thousands of pieces of merchandise. They only earned a dollar from that sale.

I need more flexible licensing, who should I talk to?

We believe that the original authors should be in charge. Contact us and we will get you in touch.

I'm still confused, what do I do?

Contact us with any additional questions. Be as specific as possible, and include any images in question. We will get back to you as soon as possible.