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Here is what our customers are saying about us (get your scrolling finger ready, there’s quite a lot of them!)

Andre Meca

"It is difficult for me to begin to tell you how impressed I am with MyDesignDeals. Aside from the fact that it has such amazing production, I am also amazed at the quantity and quality of its resources. What an outcome of many things."

- Andre Meca (Happy Customer)
Tim Yerrington

"The premium texture pack I purchased was put to use immediately on several jobs. All for under 20 bucks! Thanks!"

- Tim Yerrington (Happy Customer)
Carl Peterson

"MyDesignDeals is the one deals website that I look forwarding to seeing every week. I know it won't be a ton of crap that I will never use. Excited to see what is coming next."

- Carl Peterson (Happy Customer)
Ian Kitney

"The new MyDesignDeals site is awesome, just signed up and found amazing tools and even freebies. Easy to navigate and find what you are looking for. Thanks a million."

- Ian Kitney (Happy Customer)
Su Hall

"John is one of the most devoted folks I know when it comes to his websites. This deal is awesome! There's something for everyone!"

- Su Hall (Happy Customer)

"It's Christmas Eve, I just returned from an invitation with a great friend, checked my mails one more time and found your reminder for this offer. This afternoon I looked up some themes to buy - but unfortunately they did not reach my level of expectation – AND NOW, 23 PM THIS! WHAT A SURPRISE, WHAT A GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFT for myself!"

- Monika (Happy Customer)

"I'm so happy that I found MyDesignDeals! As a rookie designer I have explored a lot of resources, and the quality, and relevance of offerings with MyDesignDeals is unsurpassed. I am a true disciple!"

- Laska Golden (Happy Customer)

"I enjoy getting offers & freebies from MyDesignDeals. I've downloaded quite a few of the freebies. When purchasing, the shopping process is simple, making it easy to stop for a minute & take advantage of the deals!"

- Michele (Happy Customer)

"These guys are doing a great job at the best price that you're going to find. So don't wait and miss out on the great deals. Keep up the good work."

- Anthony (Happy Customer)

"Very happy I found this resource, products offered are top quality, reasonably priced, and often accompanied with online tutorials (by John Shaver), which means you can put what you purchased to work immediately without a big learning curve."

- Cam Inglis (Happy Customer)

"Guys, I am starting to hate you! Your deals are simply too good to pass up so I'm buying a lot of stuff here. But they're so reasonably inexpensive that I MUST have them all, thus I can't really hate you because I still have money left over for a beer or two. Cheers, keep up the great work!!! ;)"

- Scott (Happy Customer)

"You guys are awesome; thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us & the fantastic deals that you offer the public. You really go the extra mile."

- Nola (Happy Customer)

"This was my first experience with MyDesignDeals. Had I know you existed I would have been buying all along! The product was top notch at an excellent price. An unbeatable combination for sure! I will be visiting the site often and will be buying again. Thank you so much for providing a service such as this to a very enthusiastic photographer without a lot of money!"

- Pamela Schafer (Happy Customer)

"MyDesignDeals is easy to navigate, full of great products and brings quality deals to the table. The process for purchasing is a breeze, my only regret is that I didn't find it sooner, I have missed some really wonderful deals!"

- Joni Clark (Happy Customer)

"All resources are great! They look beautiful and really are great for a learning student. Freebies are also awesome for those of us who are short on cash and need something new to add to our designs."

- David Curran (Happy Customer)

"I swear, every week I'm always looking forward to what the new MDD deal will be. And sort of dreading it because I know I'll end up buying it."

- Patrick Dunnagan (Happy Customer)

"I just bought my first MyDesignDeals deal and I love it! When they say deal it's the real deal! I used some of the elements asa I got them. They were very nice. Can't wait to see the next DEAL! Thanks Guys you rock!"

- Debbie Muschany (Happy Customer)

"It's like having my own personal photoshop store."

- KT Green (Happy Customer)

"Exceptional range of brushes, actions, and vectors offered at an amazing price. This is a one-stop shopping experience for photography and design toolboxes. I was sure there had to be something wrong with what was offered because it seemed too good to be true, but this company is pumped and rising fast. As a growing media publisher, MyDesignDeals is helping us up our product, and this will continue to be the first, and probably the last, place we go to for our needs."

- Cyd Madsen (Happy Customer)

"I am always looking for "commercial use" items at good prices and MyDesignDeals has lots of great deals. I love their stuff! They are always so fast to respond whenever I have a question, too! I love them!"

- Barb Johnson (Happy Customer)

"Great item and very useful, Thanks!"

- Afschin (Happy Customer)

"Have been dealing with MyDesignDeals for some time now. Packages offered are very resourceful. Always a good variety. Price of packages is never an issue, as they are always priced below what their true value is. Keep up the good work guys. Looking forward to future deals!"

- Don Brandt (Happy Customer)

"J'apprécie les choses de qualité que vous proposez et qui permettent d'apprendre, de progresser et de nous diversifier. (I appreciate quality things that you offer and opportunities to learn, grow and diversify.)"

- Mireille D (Happy Customer)

"Thank you so much for a great price and easy peasy purchase and download!"

- Kim Peterson (Happy Customer)

"A great time saver for ideas and concepts...easy to customize...not a bad thing for a fast paced design world. Oh...I almost forgot...quality!!!!! Variety!!!!! & very reasonable."

- Dan Vaughn (Happy Customer)

"Two thumbs up for you guys!"

- Krystal (Happy Customer)

"I have loved my experience with MyDesignDeals so far. They offer lots of great deals on design tools that I find very handy in my work. They also offer free items, which is super nice. I have loved every deal I have purchased so far and have LOVED the great deal on the prices I received when purchasing. The products are high quality and well worth it!"

- Melanie Bruening (Happy Customer)

"What can I say MyDesignDeals always come up with exceptional offers quality wise at rock bottom prices, even the stuff I have no use for I'm always tempted to buy."

- Djon Hampton (Happy Customer)

"I really like the way you are guys! Product wise and business wise - useful and professional but fun and easy! Perfect! Keep the good job going!"

- Urszula Stanislawczyk (Happy Customer)

"Very good content at very good prices, works every time!"

- BJ (Happy Customer)

"I look forward to each new deal that hits my inbox... I love the interaction, by way of a video, with the founder of MyDesignDeals that gives the scoop on the current deal... It really helps to make a decision, along with the plethora of images showing exactly what I will get! Thank you so much for being so user-friendly and for the fabulous customer service. It means a lot!"

- Linda Walton (Happy Customer)

"I bought a ton of vector images at an outstanding price. I can't complain."

- Jordan Moorer (Happy Customer)

"It is safe to say that John goes well out of his way to ensure outstanding customer service!"

- Sami (Happy Customer)

"Excellent selection. excellent results."

- Lyell Rodieck (Happy Customer)

"MyDesignDeals offered me an amazing deal on some incredible textures. The deal knocked off 90% of the original price. I am definitely buying from MyDesignDeals again."

- Joseph Marley (Happy Customer)

"Reliable download and good results. easily changed from raster. Quick helpful response from MyDesignDeals when sending query. Would recommend."

- Peter Banyard (Happy Customer)

"The selection of programs and value / prices are terrific. Now I just have to learn how to use them."

- Tom Sapp (Happy Customer)

"I just recently discovered MyDesignDeals and I've been really impressed. I'm really,skeptical of sites who offer amazing "deals" only to discover that 90% of the items are completely lame. I enjoy the practical "real world" approach to the site. As a freelancer who doesn't have the financial backing and resources of a big design firm, I really appreciate the value MyDesignDeals provides!"

- Curt Sell (Happy Customer)

"Great prices from quality vendors."

- Carolyn McIntosh (Happy Customer)

"MyDesignDeals offers fantastic bargain prices on creative, high quality, time saving design projects. Their customer service department are Rock Stars!!! I had an 'operator error', err, ME, issue regarding downloading and they were patient and got me through it quickly!"

- Barb S (Happy Customer)

"This was a very painless experience, excellent value for money and smooth download coupled with high quality content; what's not to like?"

- Keith Dorrington (Happy Customer)

"I have a very high demand for graphic artwork, and a very low budget. MyDesignDeals lets me complete projects with professional quality at very reasonable prices. Thanks!"

- Annie McFadden (Happy Customer)

"Thanks guys. The value provided and the quality of these styles are amazing. Great job... keep em coming!"

- John Riding (Happy Customer)

"MyDesignDeals is a valuable source of designer resources at great deal prices. I have been very happy with all my purchases and also very happy with the prompt and friendly replies to my questions. Great deals, great products and great service is what I offer my customers and it is great to get it from others as well."

- Sharon - Art For Scrapbooking (Happy Customer)

"A very satisfying experience that has greatly helped my design learning curve."

- Graham Marsden (Happy Customer)

"I am so glad I stumbled across John at MyDesignDeals and his friendly manner, fresh approach with an eye for top quality design, will have me coming back for more."

- Lesley Smitheringale (Happy Customer)

"My introduction to MyDesignDeals was through Go Media. A huge collection of their vector work was on sale. I had been waiting for the right price. This was definitely a very pleasant surprise when I found the deal. The deals are on useful resources and that is most important to me. I found a reliable source of relevant deals here."

- Kpakpo Akwei (Happy Customer)

"I love what you are doing! I'm very grateful for you guys! :-)"

- Urszula Stanislawczyk (Happy Customer)

"The quality offered here in is amazing, worth a designers time and effort to appreciate and support."

- Sami (Happy Customer)

"A great find that has taken pride of place in my 'bookmarked' sites."

- Euan McConchie (Happy Customer)

"MyDesignDeals is a fantastic site, I have had 2 really great purchases since putting my money into their start-up, & been tempted by at least 2 further offers. I will undoubtedly be purchasing further offers from this site...the quality is guaranteed."

- Djon (Happy Customer)

"I could not be happier with my purchase from MyDesignDeals, the saying "what you get is what you pay for" does not pertain to this site in any way whatsoever, if that were the case we (the consumer) would be getting a LOT less than we receive! they pack their deals with information and applicable / useful files and elements for designs, I've read through everything over and over again just to drill it into my mind! Highly recommend for any aspiring designers, established designers or curious people!"

- Logan Gray (Happy Customer)

"I received an email about a product at a discounted rate and upon purchasing and receiving the product, the process was effortless and pleasant."

- Bryan Lewis (Happy Customer)

"Was able to buy the mobile ux package. High quality psd files were just what I needed. And best of all the guys at MyDesignDeals were responsive and super helpful. Great first buying experience, look forward to seeing what other deals they will come up with."

- John Bimmerle (Happy Customer)

"Thanks for the amazing deal on Photoshop textures. It allowed me to add something new to my photo tools at a price point I could afford and introduced me to a vendor I will seek out again. I am completely satisfied with the product and your customer service!"

- Donna Jones (Happy Customer)

"As someone who is learning I am thrilled to find so many resources that I didn't even know existed on this site. I have purchased several packages that were amazing deals but also have helped me develop my skills so much more quickly! Thanks so much!"

- Meg Earhart (Happy Customer)

"One of these days, I was browsing something else and then I just stumbled upon MyDesignDeals. I did not know about the site but I liked what I saw and I signed in right away. With beautiful crafted resources that I am just beginning to explore, I became a fan immediately and it has been quite an enjoyable experience. And I am looking forward to continue exploring the deals, that’s for sure."

- Esteban A. (Happy Customer)

"The styles are awesome. I used them immediately. The amount of time they saved was tremendous and the cost was sooo reasonable."

- Shirley Hailstock (Happy Customer)

"If money and time were no object, I'd probably buy everything you offered! Your video presentations and examples of deals make it quick and easy to decide if this is one more tool you can't live without. The variety is great too. Thanks for being such a great resource!"

- Anita (Happy Customer)

"I often search the web for endless amounts of time looking for free brushes, patterns, styles etc for projects. After purchasing a couple of sets from MyDesignDeals, I have decided that the great pricing they give on design deals actually saves me money because its saving me time on projects. The purchasing system is simple and clear and I love the quality of the style and pattern sets I have purchased so far."

- Tanya (Happy Customer)

"John for now I don't have much experience as a designer and have only just joined your list. I know this site is awesome, being referred by my friend from Big Brand."

- Robyn (Happy Customer)

"My experience with MyDesignDeals has been very positive. I will definitely buy from them again."

- Suzanne (Happy Customer)

"Awesome fonts! Lots of great scripts that are especially HOT in design right now! Commercial license comes with the deal - so wonderful!! I hate having to buy licenses for each and every font separately, and keeping them filed - so this is much easier! Thanks so much!"

- Sue Allemand (Happy Customer)

"Purchasing was simple and easy and the products are GREAT!"

- Jay (Happy Customer)

"MyDesignDeals is off to a great start! I look forward to seeing what's offered next. The textures will be very useful, and the newsletter freebies are the icing on the cake. You gotta getcha some of this!"

- Kim Matthews (Happy Customer)

"I am so glad that I am a part of MyDesignDeals. They have the best deals on the internet. I am a web designer and I love being creative. I use the Adobe Creative Suite 5 so I am using lots of different software and the deals can be used with any of them. I truly appreciate the freebies and the deals. Thank you John for creating this site."

- Thomasina Ives (Happy Customer)

"I saved so much on the FanExtra deal it was incredible...an amazing deal packed with everything! Designer resources to tutorials, there is something for everyone. Thanks John ♥"

- Rosa Perry (Happy Customer)

"I have tons of deals I've already bought and haven't even begun to use, and I can't wait to use them. MyDesignDeals offers quality resources that I haven't found anywhere else."

- Susan Shemin (Happy Customer)

"The products are an amazing value, especially for the prices. Purchasing is quick and easy. This is a great resource."

- Jeanine Grant (Happy Customer)

"Great packaging of mock ups and brushes. Easy to use and gives the tools needed to make your very own custom templates-graphic designer."

- Jeremiah (Happy Customer)

"I am really glad I signed up with MyDesignDeals. I have gotten several things I can't use, but most are really great. I do not have full blown Photoshop so some of the things I get don't work in Elements. The brushes, and styles are great though."

- Vicki Sullivan (Happy Customer)

"Quick & Easy Download, & it was Immediate! Very Pleased. After reviewing my purchase I get the sense these guys are not just profit focused, they genuinely want to supply us with an awesome, usable product(s)."

- Sadie (Happy Customer)

"The price of my purchase makes me feel a little like I got away with something"

- Justin Greene (Happy Customer)

"If your not getting these designs then you are missing a great deal. You will wish you had them in your design tool box."

- Anthony D. Walker (Happy Customer)

"Very pleased with the transaction, no problems with the download and goods were as described and high quality."

- Chris Marshall (Happy Customer)

"I am totally impressed by MyDesignDeals. Their customer care and approachability make them stand out among so many other design sites. I'm a confirmed customer now."

- Lynda Adlington (Happy Customer)

"Simply fantastic offers for any designer. The items offered are of high quality at amazing low prices. I await the next deal with great anticipation."

- Richard Turner (Happy Customer)

"I couldn't be happier with my product and the process was very fast and easy. I would definitely be a return customer."

- Jan Amiss (Happy Customer)

"I have become a HUGE supporter of MyDesignDeals and look forward to the next email so much! I think I'm addicted!"

- Jonathan Taulbee (Happy Customer)

"Great website with even more awesome deals, where else can you get that many items for such a low price."

- Ceryl Bruitzman (Happy Customer)

"The idea of MDD makes it easy to learn more about great offerings all over the web that are specifically relevant to me. The discounts are awesome and the feedback is personal. Great ingredients to make repeat visitors."

- Wisdom (Happy Customer)

"This bundle has a great variety of resources for your design needs!"

- Ellie Byrne (Happy Customer)

"Great deals. The products are varied and useful. I'll use them all the time. An awesome value."

- Jeanine Grant (Happy Customer)

"MyDesignDeals not only has good deals, but they offer products you don't see anywhere else. When I need to add some funky graphics to my blog posts or online courses, I go to the tools and brushes I've purchased from MyDesignDeals. Keep them coming!"

- Marlene Hielema (Happy Customer)

"I get excited when I see an email from MyDesignDeals, because I know it will be offering me something awesome that I can use in my designing of websites, brochures and other commercial products!"

- Rebecca Read (Happy Customer)

"Thanks for the real human interaction and your refined taste in choosing deals. The texture deal from 2LilOwls was one of the best deals of my life!"

- Deana Zelinova (Happy Customer)

"I was very pleased with the FlyerHeroes Template Bundle by MyDesignDeals. Just when I needed it! Very high quality and useful. Thank you."

- Bryan (Happy Customer)

"The most amazing deals i had ever seen online... Unbelievable prices of amazing products!! MyDesignDeals became the first page i see when my day start!! Thanks for all John!!"

- Julian Auad (Happy Customer)

"The site is an outstanding resource with top notch customer service!"

- Affi (Happy Customer)

"I'm surprised by the fact that I received an e-mail just asking if I was enjoying my items! There isn't any feedback nowadays from a service provider to the client, and this just makes MyDesignDeals even more "personal" by the fact that you really take in consideration what people feel and think about their purchases. Thank you for those great deals and above all, the quality of each and every article in the bundles!"

- Luis Rodríguez (Happy Customer)

"I wasn't sure about buying from here but once I did I knew they had the best design deals and really good value."

- Esteban Ramirez (Happy Customer)