Creative Patterns You Can Use on Any Project - Only $7

Creative Patterns You Can Use on Any Project - Only $7

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Hey, before we get to today's awesome deal, I advise you to watch the video to the right. Not only will it tell you a ton of stuff about this week's deal, but it shows how John and I are definitely getting more comfortable (and ridiculous) talking about the products that we feature. Today's deal is interesting, because normally John and I will want to talk about our own products, as we know them the best. However, I made a point of asking John to send me all his patterns to review, and didn't want to know anything about them. No instructions, no information, nothing. Essentially I wanted to see these patterns through the eyes of someone who hadn't used them before (i.e. you guys!)

There are over 50 different seamless vector patterns in this deal

Not only that, but every pattern has multiple color and style variations, giving you seemingly endless possibilities. Rather than me telling you how amazing this deal is (and trust me, it's pretty amazing), I'm going to describe exactly what I thought as I poured through John's library of pattern designs.

Opening them up

The patterns are neatly packaged up into various folders that are clearly labelled. There's a massive variety on offer too. John's been working on these patterns over a period of years, and it really shows. Some of the awesome designs include:
  • Circles
  • Stripes
  • Floral Designs
  • Geometric
  • Seasonal (Easter & Halloween)
  • Ornate
  • Plaid
Each of these categories contain a range of great designs, including multiple color variations. All in all, there are 25 different categorized folders, each containing multiple patterns and variations on those patterns.

The Files On Offer (finally patterns that work at ANY resolution)

Rather than coming as .PAT files, these patterns come in .JPG, .GIF and .EPS formats. This is brilliant for us designers for several reasons. Firstly, if we want to edit the patterns it's much much easier. We can easily tweak the designs, change the colors and adjust other aspects, then just continue to use the pattern like normal. It's just as easy to click Edit > Define Pattern on a .JPG image in Photoshop as it is to load a .PAT pattern file, but the added flexibility of the original vector files makes them infinitely more useful. Secondly, because these tileable pattern images also come in vector formats, they can be scaled to whatever size you need! The raster images available are already at high resolutions, but if you're working on some reeeally big print project, then the vector format will be a life saver. Almost all patterns I've worked with over the years just don't work at anything other than really low resolutions, which is only really suitable for web work. These designs are also pixel perfect, as John has clearly spent a ton of time hand-crafting each one. As a result, they tile seamlessly and look great doing so. Look at how sweet these patterns look even at larger sizes:

A fantastic collection of patterns to improve your design library

Overall this pattern collection is a great addition to any designer's library. The patterns are really varied, work great at any resolution and tile beautifully. John normally sells these patterns for a regular price of $62, but I got him to agree to offer the entire collection for just $7. That's 89% off! Now that's a seriously good deal. I know I'll be using these patterns in my own work for years to come, so it's definitely a worthwhile investment. The price will only be this low for one week, so grab them all while you still can.

The previews below are just a tiny sampling of all the patterns and variations included in this deal

Deal Terms

  • Files can be used for both personal and commercial projects.
  • Files are delivered as an instant download after you complete your purchase.
  • Download available as a single ZIP file (165MB).
Product Tags
  • florals
  • gif
  • high resolution
  • jpg
  • patterns
  • photoshop
  • vector
Extended Licensing Included

You not only get a huge amount of useful files, but also the flexibility to use them in even more projects, including items for resale.

That includes designs for mass production, print-on-demand services, or even digital templates you plan to resell in your online shop. See the full licensing terms here.

Deal Terms
  • Files are provided as an instant download after purchase in ZIP file format.
  • Files are provided in a variety of formats, including source files like .PSD and .AI
  • Files can be used for both personal and commercial projects, as well as in items for resale.
  • You may not resell or redistribute these files.