The Texture Workshop Ebook + 75 Extra French Brocante Textures - Only $27

The Texture Workshop Ebook + 75 Extra French Brocante Textures - Only $27

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Not to toot my own horn, but over the lifetime of MyDesignDeals, we've run a ton of amazing deals on some of the absolute best texture packs in the history of textures. There's so much that can be done with these textures, but only so much that I can show you in each short deal video. This week, texture queen Denise Love from 2 Lil' Owls brings us her extremely popular ebook, "The Texture Workshop", to teach you how to instantly enhance your work with the use of textures. Oh, and she's also thrown in a whopping 75 bonus textures, worth $90, from her French Brocante collection on top of the 22 already included in the workshop itself.

The Texture Workshop

A lot of you have been emailing me asking for some inspiration in using all the textures you've collected over the past few months. I love giving you tips on how to use the items in the deal videos each week, but this package includes in depth training on using textures in your work.

See what Denise has to say about this ebook herself.

The Texture Workshop Ebook is the best resource you will find of its kind! This book is jam packed with great information that will help you begin your texture work or take your texture work to the next level. Advanced processing techniques broken down in easy to understand lessons and rich with photos sure to inspire you. This bundle includes the photos used in the workshop pages so you can follow along exactly and then experiment with your own photos. Work in Photoshop Elements? No problem… everything in the book will work for you if you are using Elements 9 or higher.
This workshop will teach you everything you need to know about enhancing your work with textures. Make sure you check out the deal video to learn more about what's included and how everything is laid out.

What's Included

  • "The Texture Workshop" ebook
  • Processing extras
  • 8 workshops to help you practice
  • 8 unedited workshop photos
  • 8 edited workshop photos
  • 12 workshop textures
  • 10 bonus textures

What You'll Learn

  • How to sharpen when you use textures
  • How to erase texture but retain tone
  • How to add a texture to your photo
  • How to use a mask
  • How to choose the texture you are going to use
  • How to work with vintage papers
  • How to add a haze to your photo for that vintage look
  • How to make your own vintage papers

Huge Bonus: 75 Textures from the French Brocante Collection - Worth $90

This deal is well worth it for the textures alone since each file is 3600 pixels at 300DPI. From the title of this deal, you may have thought I meant that the textures themselves were "extra French". Although that's not what I originally meant to say, it's still true! They were all created using authentic scanned documents that are unique to Denise's (French) family history. You can't get more one of a kind than that!

Check out previews of all the included bonus textures below.

Normally, this texture workshop and 75 bonus textures sell for a total of $129. For this week only, you can get them all for only $27. That's 79% off, and less than the price of the workshop alone! This is one deal that will immediately help you in your design endeavors, so make sure you grab it before the price jumps back up.

Deal Terms

  • Files can be used for both personal and commercial projects.
  • After purchase, you will be sent a link to an HTML file. Open this HTML file for directions on getting all of your files.
  • Download available as a single ZIP file (1.02GB) or multi-part RAR archive (4x250MB, 1x46.9MB).
  • Ebook is in PDF file format, textures and images are in JPG or PNG file format.
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Extended Licensing Included

You not only get a huge amount of useful files, but also the flexibility to use them in even more projects, including items for resale.

That includes designs for mass production, print-on-demand services, or even digital templates you plan to resell in your online shop. See the full licensing terms here.

Deal Terms
  • Files are provided as an instant download after purchase in ZIP file format.
  • Files are provided in a variety of formats, including source files like .PSD and .AI
  • Files can be used for both personal and commercial projects, as well as in items for resale.
  • You may not resell or redistribute these files.