The Top Designer's Giant Grab Bag (Thousands of Resources w/Extended Licensing) - Only $39

The Top Designer's Giant Grab Bag (Thousands of Resources w/Extended Licensing) - Only $39

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Imagine you're on a game show for designers with only 1 minute to grab all the best looking resources off the shelves of a fully stocked creative warehouse. Your shopping bag is stuffed to the brim with eye catching graphics that you can't wait to get home and explore.

With thousands of goodies from today's top designers, this deal is that bag!

8 Designers, Over 1,000 Items, 1 Giant Bundle

We've had some ridiculously amazing deals over the years at MyDesignDeals, but I can say with confidence that nothing comes close to the value you get in this bundle.

Why? I'm glad you asked.

  • Multiple Designers: You benefit from 8 different design styles
  • More Items Than Ever: With multiple providers, we're able to give you more design resources
  • Better Selection: Since we're not limited to a single shop's collection, we can pick and choose only the best of the best

We begged, pleaded, and bribed some of the best designers in the industry to get on board with this deal, and you're the lucky beneficiary of this cornucopia of creative goodies.


There was only one way to make this deal better than it already was, so we made it happen! Many of you asked for extended licensing, and when you ask, we take action.

Every item in this deal now includes extended licensing!

That means you can use all of these resources in designs you create for resale.

That includes designs for mass production, print-on-demand services, or even digital templates you plan to resell in your online shop. Of course, you can't sell anything in this deal as-is, and they must be incorporated into an original work of art, but after seeing the preview images below, you're brain will be bursting with ideas.

Grab a snack and pillow, because this might take a while. Scroll down to learn more about each author and preview all the included items.


Artimasa is famous for churning out high quality, unique fonts at a blistering pace. I've had some strong coffee in my day, but I can't imagine what they must be drinking over there to bust out as many designs as they do.

This bundle includes 4 of their most popular fonts of all time. Let's take a look.

Authentica Font Family

Authentica is modern script that is casual, elegant, and multipurpose. It contains OpenType features like contextual and stylistic alternates and ligatures to really polish off your typography-based designs.

You'll get regular and rough variations, plus shadow versions of each, making it simple to quickly create vintage designs with depth.


Fadilla is a contemporary calligraphy typeface which is flowing, feminine, and elegant. It's a match made in Heaven for the popular watercolor design-style, wedding invitations, greeting cards, and more.

This typeface comes with a complete set of standard characters and eastern diacritic symbols, 338 glyphs in total, including 150 alternative characters as OpenType features to play with.


Foreplay is a fun and unique display font intended for use in retro and vintage projects.It's right at home on posters, t-shirts, and more.

This font features ornamental uppercase letters that can be used to add creativity with almost zero extra effort.


Hillwood is a contemporary brush script with handwritten, calligraphic style. It's based on a combination of high speed brush lettering and natural balance of a seasoned handlettering master.

It's great for urban style designs including signage, branding, and more.

This font also contains OpenType features like ligatures and contextual and stylistic alternates.


Like the first astronauts to leave Earth's atmosphere, Creativenauts has taken design to heights once thought impossible.

With an eclectic mix of styles, Photoshop templates, and more, you'll find hundreds of uses for these goodies.

Authentic Crystal Photoshop Styles

A crystal ball may or may not be able to foresee the future, but it doesn't take a fortune teller to know that these styles will come in handy for the rest of your design career.

You'll get 50 different Photoshop styles to choose from, and the best part is, all that is needed to apply them is a single click.

There is simply nothing else like this kit anywhere else, and that's the best compliment you can get in a creative industry.

GlamWow! Glitter & Glam Kit!

This massive set includes 109 glitter effects that can be applied with just one click.

You'll get a Photoshop patterns file, plus a Photoshop styles file. Load the patterns and styles, and start clicking away to instantly get beautiful, fun, and feminine looks by the dozens.

GoldFold Gold Foil Stamp Toolkit

This kit allows you to create genuine gold foil stamp effects in Photoshop, again, with just one click.

There are 33 Photoshop styles in this pack, which can be applied to text, shapes, or any other layer instantly.

4 Retro Creator Toolkits

These 4 toolkits are AMAZING. The utilize the power of Smart Objects in Photoshop to take your plain graphics and transform them into something people will think you spent hours on.

All you have to do is copy and paste your own artwork in the Smart Objects, hit save, and all the retro effects will be automatically applied. Hit save and you look like a magician.

As a bonus, each set also includes a pack of extra styles and/or templates. These 4 items could be a deal all on their own, but are just a tiny part of this ginormous deal.

Woodshop Texture Kit

This kit includes 21 wood textures in every format you can imagine: ASL, PAT, JPG, PNG, AI, and EPS. Each format is slightly different, bringing you different benefits.

The ASL Photoshop styles and PAT Photoshop patterns let you apply effects in a single click.

The PNG files are black on a transparent background, making them perfect for overlays.

The AI and EPS files are needed for use in vector graphic inside of Illustrator.

The JPGs can be quickly used as backgrounds with no further modifications.


If you've never heard of Cruzine, you've been missing out. Luckily, you can grab some of their best products ever in this bundle right now.

Cruzine specializes in vintage design, and the selection in this deal includes badge templates, fonts, vector shapes, and mockups.

82 Vintage Badge and Insignia Templates

These vector templates are in PSD file format, so almost every designer can use them.

They all use free fonts too, and include links to download each one, so all you need to do is install the required fonts to start changing text and customizing each design.

The 12 badges at the bottom of the preview below also come in AI and EPS file format for those of you who prefer working in dedicated vector software.

6 Hand Drawn Fonts

These 6 fonts are the perfect representation of what you'd find on handlettered signage back in the day. They range from condensed sans serifs to hand scratched lettering, giving you a range of styles to work with.

You get 6 all fonts in OTF, TTF, and WOFF format, so you can use them in print and web applications.

7 Mockups + 25 Vintage Photos

These 7 mockups make it easy to show of your logos or print designs in a realistic and pleasing way. Clients love to see their work presented in a tangible way, instead of as a flat graphic on a blank computer screen.

The 25 bonus photos can be used as backgrounds, or incorporated into other deisgns, and make a nice compliment to their companion mockups.

890 Decorative Shapes for Illustrator and Photoshop

With almost every project, you're bound to search for ornamentation of some sort: shapes, dividers, ribbons...

This giant bundle includes 6 sets of decorative shapes in both AI and PSD file format, giving you everything you need for the foreseeable future.

There's so much content here that we could easily run a deal on these sets alone.

Design District

Design District is considered by some to be the king of vintage logos, labels, and badges.

It's hard to argue when their contribution to this deal includes 326 of the best designs I've ever seen.

326 Vintage Logos, Labels, and Badges

Not much to say here, just plenty to look at.

This bundle includes 18 separate sets of designs, and they're all in PSD, AI, and EPS file format.

They are beautifully laid out, and could not be easier to customize and put to use.

Just download the font files from the included links and you'll be well on your way to badge nirvana.

Design Panoply

Design Panoply offers a complete and magnificent array of design resources from Photoshop addons like styles, brushes, and actions to complete Smart Object templates.

Their contribution to this bundle includes premium resources that are simply unmatched in quality.

Burn Baby Burn - Burnt Wood Creation Kit

This creative bundle lets you create authentic wood burning effects in no time.

It includes 10 backgrounds, 5 overlays, and 6 Photoshop styles that can be used separately, plus one massive PSD file combining everything into a single, easy to use template.

Paper Textures Volume 4

This hefty set has 54 high resolution wrinkled paper textures, in every color of the rainbow (plus colors NOT in the rainbow like tan and black).

As a bonus, you'll also get a Smart Object mockup template that is perfect for logos or typographic designs.

20 Seamless Subtle Textures

These tileable textures are custom built to be used as overlays to give your designs some depth. The best part is that they tile seamlessly, so you can use them in designs of any size.

As a bonus, you'll also get a Smart Object mockup template that is perfect for logos or typographic designs.

Watercolor Magic

Painting real watercolors takes a lot of skill. Using this kit does not, but will still give you that popular, realistic watercolor look.

This set includes 15 Photoshop styles, 25 Photoshop brushes, 15 seamless Photoshop patterns, and 31 decorative, handmade vectors that work well with the watercolor effects.

6 Realistic, Vintage Wood Mockups

These 6 Smart Object mockups make it easy to get realistic effects in no time.

Just copy and paste your designs in the Smart Object, hit save, and you've got yourself a realistic, genuine wooden mockup.

Each template also includes extras that can be easily turned on or off in Photoshop's Layers panel like color toning, vignettes, and spotlighting.

Le Paper Cafe

Le Paper Cafe is the name of a beautifully artistic design shop, and might as well be French for "badass textures and digital papers".

No one does 3600px textures better, and luckily for you, there are 5 sets included in this mega deal.

5 Vintage Digital Paper Sets

These 5 sets have a total of 32 different textures inside, ranging from rustic paper to bold damask patterns.

Each JPG is 3,600 x 3,600 pixels, so they can be used in both print and web designs.

Maroon Baboon

Maroon Baboon doesn't monkey around when it comes to design. They just create artistic, hand crafted resources that are to die for.

In this bundle, you'll find their top selling font, along with over 160 editable watercolor design elements.

160+ Watercolor Design Elements

These watercolor illustrations are absolutely gorgeous, and come in every format you could want.

You'll get PSDs, PNGs with transparent backgrounds, plus vectorized versions in AI format so you can easily change colors and resize them without any loss in quality.

Also included are 24 watercolor backgrounds weighing in at 2,500 x 2,500 pixels.

Amelia Script

Amelia is a new hand written font that includes over 180 hand drawn characters covering a range of different languages.

You also get a separate "Amelia Ornaments" font file so you can easily add some flourishes to your designs.

This typeface also includes webfont versions so you can spice up your web designs without resorting to saving images from Photoshop for text elements.

Pavel Korzhenko

Pavel Korzhenko is designer, living in a mysterious location within the European Union, that specializes in handmade fonts and graphics.

For this deal, he's included his favorite font, along with some vector logos, ribbons, textures, and more.

Bough - Vintage Hand Drawn Typeface

This font has got some character. It pairs well with mountain and rustic themed designs, but also has an elegance about it.

Bough comes with a regular and condensed version, both in OpenType file format.

Over 75 Vintage Vector Graphics

We had Pavel include his 4 most popular sets of graphics in this bundle, which you can envy below.

You'll get 6 vintage logos, 58 hand drawn animals in 3 different styles (plus some bonuses), 10 vintage vector ribbons, and 12 vector (and raster) wood textures).

All of these files come in both EPS and PNG file format, with the exception of the logos, which are in editable EPS vector format.

These resources will help you create all kinds of authentic vintage designs with minimal effort.

Thousands of Precious Design Treasures Totalling 8.5GB

Normally, you'd have to pay $472 or more to get all of these goodies. For a limited time, you can grab it ALL for just $39. That's 92% off the regular price.

Just take a look at your browser's scroll bar. Do you see how far we've come? This is a once in a lifetime chance to grab an amazing collection of creative goodies.

Deal Terms

  • After purchase, open the provided ZIP file for full download instructions.
  • Files are provided in a variety of file formats. See descriptions above for detailed information.
  • Files can be used for both personal and commercial projects, plus projects created for resale.
  • You may not resell or redistribute these files.
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Extended Licensing Included

You not only get a huge amount of useful files, but also the flexibility to use them in even more projects, including items for resale.

That includes designs for mass production, print-on-demand services, or even digital templates you plan to resell in your online shop. See the full licensing terms here.

Deal Terms
  • Files are provided as an instant download after purchase in ZIP file format.
  • Files are provided in a variety of formats, including source files like .PSD and .AI
  • Files can be used for both personal and commercial projects, as well as in items for resale.
  • You may not resell or redistribute these files.